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Dark Formations

Selected Short Fiction by M.J. McClymont

A subhuman creature lurks amongst the festering debris of a local dump. The owner of a music store finds the laptop of a teenager containing chilling clues to her mysterious disappearance. A father threatens the wrong person, giving him cause to fear shadows. An anachronistic hunter sets his sights on a new hunting ground… the city.


Here you’ll find a whole host of strange and terrifying Dark Formations. Take a glimpse at what lies beyond the gates of fear where your darkest nightmares wait.


Dark Formations: A collection of fifteen haunting tales from the mind of M.J. McClymont.


Heavy Metal Nightmares

Available in print and digital formats

Twenty twisted and terrifying tales of headbanging heavy metal horror by the genre’s most talented writers.  Stories to shock, scare, and haunt you with Heavy Metal Nightmares.


Power metal, black metal, death metal, doom metal, stoner, thrash and hard rock; within these pages you’ll find twenty short sharp shocks of frightening fiction based on every subgenre of the world’s greatest music.


So get in the mosh pit, rock your head, throw those devil horns in the air and get ready to turn your fear up to eleven!

Featuring short fiction by:
Richard Beauchamp, Eneasz Brodski, Mia Dalia, William J. Donahue, Angelique Fawns, Jason R Frei, Ken Goldman, Rhys Hughes, Pedro Iniguez, Tim Jeffreys, M.J. McClymont, Sally Neave, Gary Power, Kyle Rader, Leon Saul, Paul Sheldon, Nicholas Stella, Michael Subjack, Heinrich von Wolfcastle, Sheldon Woodbury



Terrors from the Toy Box

Available in print and digital formats


In a dark corner of the attic lies a wooden box burgeoning with forgotten relics from bygone decades. Evil effigies of plastic, metal and wood claw their way out of their dusty confines into your very nightmares.


Devil dolls and terrifying teddies, abominable action figures and gruesome games all lying in wait for the opportunity to be free to wreak terror once again.


Get your fearsome fix of selected short fiction by some of the best horror authors around the globe.

Featuring short fiction by:
Richard Beauchamp, Steve Burford, Mia Dalia, Tim J. Finn, Wil Forbis, Galen Gower, Julie Hiner, Tim Jeffreys, Shashi Kadapa, Vic Kerry, Annie Knox, M.J. McClymont, Scotty Milder, Kurt Newton, Harriet Phoenix, Leigh Ramsden, Armand Rosamilia, J Benjamin Sanders Jr, Trish Wilson, Sheldon Woodbury


Thieves of Sigh

An Old School Pulp Horror Novelette by Zach Black

There are strange goings on at the idyllic Aberwillow Loch Retreat. People are disappearing. They come from all over the country to soak in the beauty of the land and sometimes, to sample the abundant Liberty Caps.

When Greg and Steph Pullman arrive at the retreat for a much needed break away from the bustle of their busy lives, they are met by an old friend and owner of Aberwillow Loch Retreat, Arthur Taggart and they settle for a relaxing week in the country. But not all is as it seems. Beneath the loch, something is rising to the surface; something so terrifying it will take your breath away.

First published in 2008. Republised in 2024 by Phobica Books.

Available in Kindle eBook and paperback.



More terrifying titles coming soon.  Watch this space...

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