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Shivering Timbers!

Shivering Timbers! An anthology of pirate themed horror fiction.


Title: Shivering Timbers!

Story Length: 2K words – 7K words

Pay: £20 regardless of story length plus a paperback and digital (pdf. & Epub.) copy.

Deadline: 1st June 2024

Expected Release Date: 3rd July 2024



Avast ye, scurvy seadogs! Within these pages there be swashbuckling zombies, petrifying privateers and bloodthirsty buccaneers hunting for cursed treasure in darkened coves. Come aboard and join our crew as we set sail on a chilling voyage across the kraken infested seven seas.


Sharpen your cutlasses, raise the Jolly Roger and prepare to be terrified by tales of piratical peril. Arrr!


What we want:

For our anthology, ‘Shivering Timbers!, we are looking for original short horror stories, from 2K words to 7K words max, with a pirate theme. Stories must be fictional and set in ‘The Golden Age of Piracy’ (1650s – 1730s) or before.

Works slightly under 2K words or slightly over 7K words may still be considered.

Reprints may be considered as long as the story rights have reverted to the author.

We ask for five months exclusive print and digital rights, ongoing non-exclusive rights thereafter. You will retain copyright ownership of your work.


What we don’t want:

We don’t accept simultaneous submissions.

We don’t want to read anything detailing animal cruelty, harm to children, gratuitous sex or any sort of prejudice.

We don’t accept flash fiction or poetry. 

We don’t accept stories created by AI or AI enhanced work.

Please be aware that submissions that do not adhere to these guidelines will not be considered.



The anthology will be released in paperback print and eBook formats and sold on Amazon and via Amazon’s expanded distribution program.


How to submit:

Send your manuscript as an attachment to phobicabooks (at) or phobicabooks (at)


Please follow the Shunn Manuscript Format leaving out headers and page numbers.


On the first page, please include:

Your pen name,

The story title,

Approx. word count,

Your email address,

A short bio to include in the anthology and the ‘Author Bios’ page of our website if successful.



Payment is 20GBP regardless of story length, and a paperback and digital (pdf & Epub.) copy.

Payment will be made via Paypal only so please ensure you have a Paypal account in order to receive payment.

Please do not send your Paypal details until asked.

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